Calling all Britney Fans…

BATD ON Mar 11, 2009 AT 3:56 pm

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

When Paris Hilton advertised to find her new British Best Friend she had a stampede of hopefuls and wannabe’s lined up around the corner (although why, we can’t imagine) and now it’s the turn of our favourite comeback queen Ms Britney Spears. Renegade Pictures/BBC Three are calling all die hard Britney fans to take part in a special documentary.

All Britney wannabe’s, diehard fans and lookalikes, The BBC wants to hear from you. Do you have a little tale to tell on old Britters? Or do you live, eat and breath Britney? (remember obsessive fans are TV gold) did she once touch your hand and you have never washed it? Well you could be part of this very special documentary.

Celebrating the pop princess in this very, shall we say, unique way will surely get Ms Spears attention (for all the right reasons we hope – we don’t want to scare her off before she has even arrived). Filming begins on March 20th and you can apply now, just email and explain why you think you should be part of the documentary.

One thing is for sure we will definitely be tuning in when it airs, be prepared for comedy gold.

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