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Set in Prohibition-era Virginia,  Lawless is based on the true story of the infamous Bondurant Brothers. The Bondurant’s were bootlegging siblings who attempted the American Dream gangster-style by selling moonshine in alcohol-banned Virginia.

Based on the novel written by Matt Bondurant, The Wettest County In The World which tells the account of his paternal grandfather Jack and his grand-uncles Forrest and Howard Bondurant. The novel is inspired by true events however it is not entirely factual which Matt Bondurant will tell you himself, though the basis of the story is drawn from family stories and anecdotes along with headlines, articles and court transcripts.

The novel gained hardcore fans in the Red Wagon Productions team, with Douglas Wick unable to read the book without imagining performances. With “moments of hard men and their softness; fierce, violent behavior intertwined with silent moments of desire and longing; vivid flesh-and-blood pain mixed with legends of indestructibly,” the novel was simply made to be on the silver screen.

Starring Jason Clarke (Public Enemies) as Howard Bondurant, who having survived the Great War whose life begins to unravel due to the things he’s seen and done. Tom Hardy (Inception) plays Forrest Bondurant, the quiet but strong type who almost died from the same Spanish Flu that claimed his parents. The youngest Bondurant sibling, Jack, is played by Shia LaBeouf (Transformers); impressionable, sensitive and smart.

Times are tough in Prohibition-era Virginia and jobs scarce. Through their entrepreneurship, the Bondurants establish a thriving local business by concocting an intense and popular brand of moonshine. The arrival of Special Deputy Charlie Rakes played by Guy Pearce (The Kings Speech) to Franklin County puts the Bondurant’s moonshine business in jeopardy as Rakes brings in a lethal and corrupt law which challenges everything the brothers have built. Everyone else bows down to Rakes’ crackdown, but the Bondurants bow to no one.

Lawless will premier at the Cannes Film Festival but is set to hit theatres in the Autumn. For a slice of the action, check out the trailer below:

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