Cannes Watch: Rust and Bone

Mimi ON May 18, 2012 AT 9:22 am

Rust and Bone

Rust and Bone

The last time Jacques Audiard debuted a film at Cannes,  A Prophet was awarded the Cannes Grand Prix of 2009. This year, Audiard is debuting the far less raw and gritty, French language film Rust and Bone - the unconventional love story of Ali and Stephanie.

Based on Craig Davidson’s short story of the same name, Rust and Bone follows Ali’s and Stephanie’s romance. They meet during a night club crawl. Ali drives her home and leaves his phone number behind thinking it could never work because he is poor and she is a beautiful, self assured woman.

Ali is thrust into fatherhood when Sam, his five year old son, is suddenly put in his care. Destitute, Ali and Sam seek refuge with Ali’s sister in Antibes. The first part of the film focuses on Ali’s story as he finds tries to find work but ultimately finds it easier to box for money than to work for it. Ali has boxed in the past, as it stifles his rage and frustration

Stephanie is a killer whale trainer at the amusement park Marineland. When a public performance goes horribly wrong, Stephanie ends up confined to a wheelchair. Marion’s performance is absolutely captivating as she completely deglamorizes herself with no make up and harsh lighting to emphasize her frailty and the dread in coping with having her legs taken from her.

A late night phone call brings Ali and Stephanie together again and she entrusts him with an hugely important task: to take her out into the water again.

Starring BAFTA award winner for Best Actress (La Vie en Rose) Marion Cotillard, and Matthias Schoenaerts (Bullhead), Rust And Bone debuted at the Cannes Film Festival this week.

Check out the trailer:

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