Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Mimi ON Oct 29, 2012 AT 10:11 am

With Halloween on the horizon it’s time to get those last minute costumes together and who better to spark an idea than our favorite celebs? From the awe-inspiring, over the top costumes of Heidi Klum and sexy little pieces that Kim Kardashian slips on, to the snarky costumes of Perez Hilton and ever classic zombie cheerleader look sported by the likes of Denise van Outen, we’ve got our inspiration in spades.

Heidi Klum’s 2012 Costume Sneak Peak

Ever the Halloween trend-setter, Heidi Klum has already let slip a sneak peak of her 2012 fancy dress. The modelling world’s golden girl will be gilded and lacquered, dressing as none other than the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra. And when we say she’ll be going for gold we really mean it. Ever a fan of a body-boasting paint job as her previous Halloween incarnations show, Heidi will be sprayed from head-to-toe in glimmering body paint. We can’t wait to see the final result!

Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

For those of us daunted by the extravagance of trying to pull off a near-naked costume, but still wanting something memorable and even dare we say it a bit sexy (yes yes, you’re a sexy vampire/devil/black cat) then Kim Kardashian may be one to take inspiration from. She’s been Red Riding Hood, a pirate, the Red Queen, and even a leopard, but always opts for costumes that are slinky with curve hugging tailoring and the shortest of short hemlines. Our personal favorite was her 2011 appearance as Poison Ivy, with fiery red tresses.

Kate Moss and Nellee Hooper

Another celeb who brought sexy back some six years before Justin Timberlake, is supermodel Kate Moss who sported this see through ensemble alongside music producer Nellee Hooper back in 1997. Kate does sexy, but keeps it elegant, and we must say we love the top hat!

Christina Aguilera as a Zombie Bride

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with zombie fancy dress. No need to worry about finding the perfect outfit, anything in the closet will work. However, this means it all comes down to the makeup, so be sure to set aside enough time and draw on your artistic talents for the rest. But, just because you’ve joined the ranks of the undead doesn’t mean you have to be un-pretty. Take a cue from Christina Aguilera, who looked stunning as a zombie bride in 2006.

Roberto Cavalli as Karl Lagerfeld

If you want to show off your funny bone, you could follow designer Roberto Cavalli‘s example and dress up as Chanel’s Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld. Celebs dressing as other celebs? Too funny, especially when they are rivals.

Perez Hilton as Lady Gaga

However, you don’t necessarily have to dress up humorously as a celeb, but could instead channel your inner diva by dressing like one of your favorite music icons. Perez Hilton dressed as his friend Lady Gaga in 2009, sporting a fun wig and showing off a little leg.

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