Chores Worth

Mimi ON Mar 07, 2012 AT 12:12 pm

Chores Worth App

Chores Worth App

Are you getting a little tired of being the resident chauffeur/cleaner/cook in your household?

How many times have you had that argument with your family when somebody invariably utters the phrase ‘I do everything around here!’.

Well you’re not alone! Allianz Insurance have recently developed a fun, tongue-in-cheek app called Chores Worth to help deduce who really deserves to put their feet up at the weekend. Here’s what they found when developing the app:

- Both men and women agree that women make the most valuable contribution to the smooth running of the home.
- Despite this, only 25% of women feel that their contribution is completely appreciated by their partner.
- Both Mums and Dads agree that their children’s contribution is worth only 5% to the upkeep of the house.
- Youngest children have been recognized as the most hardworking.

I gave the app a spin last night and, lo and behold, my household contributions would cost £84,000 annually if I hired other people to do them. £84,000! I don’t think I’ve ever felt more deserving of a cup of tea…

Honestly, try it yourself (it’s free!) – it’s just a bit of fun but it’s very enlightening.

To celebrate the launch of Chores Worth, Allianz are also running a contest offering up a range of great prizes such as: Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners, De’Longhi Magnifica coffee brewers, some iTunes vouchers and a Bose SoundDocks to help you unwind with some music once your home is nice and tidy! Like their Facebook page to enter.

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