Chris Brown Sports Controversial Rihanna Tattoo

Mimi ON Sep 11, 2012 AT 5:19 pm

Chris Brown sports new controversial tattoo on his neck

It may have been only last week that Chris Brown and Rihanna kissed (and made up?) at the VMA’s, and yet nothing could have prepared us for the latest from the singer who was snapped out and about in Las Vegas sporting what appears to be the beaten up face of his ex in tattoo form on his neck.

We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry because really this is pretty horrific.Whether it’s a painful reminder of the incident, how far he’s come since then or simply a misguided but sadistic PR stunt, we are stunned.

And yet, we’re wondering what Rihanna, who has seemingly forgiven Brown, makes of it all. The Barbadian singer told Oprah Winfrey last month, ’I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help.’ ’The main thing for me is that he is at peace,’ she continued. ‘I’m not at peace if he is unhappy or he is still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds peace.’

Rihanna after the attack

Although there’s nothing to suggest that it is Rihanna’s face etched into his neck, the resemblance to the image of her,  beaten and bloodied, that emerged in the media post attack is scarily uncanny. A source close to Brown has however remarked that it is not Rihanna, but just “a random woman”, which doesn’t really make us feel any better. We’re not sure it’s ever ok to have the face of a beaten-up woman tattooed on your neck, whether she’s the love of your life, or not.

We’d love to know whether you’re as shocked as we are.



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