Christian Cooke

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Christian Cooke

Christian Cooke is a young heart-throb from West Yorkshire who is no stranger to the acting business. He began his career at the age of 10 and his roles range from Birds Eye adverts, Doctor Who and the 8 part TV series Trinity; but it is his role in the up coming movie Cemetery Junction, written and directed by Ricky Gervais that will showcase his acting skills.

Christian Cooke has acted on stage in shows such as Bugsy Malone and Peter Pan before he enrolled in the performing arts school Stage 84 in Yorkshire, which helped him on his way to TV success.

In his previous TV roles such as Trinity, he played a rich boy who likes to take off his clothes (not that we mind), and in Demons his shirt had a problem staying on as well although he is  meant to be rather shy in person. He has stated that he had no qualms with the amount of nudity or sex scenes but in the new film set to be released in the UK on April the 14th he is sporting a new dashing 70’s shaggy hair cut and is fully dressed.

Christian Cooke - Cemetary Junction

In his portrayal of Freddie Taylor in Cemetery Junction we find him in Reading in the 70’s dreaming of escaping the working class world of drinking and chasing girls, whereas his co-actors are happy to stay. It is his romance with an old school girlfriend that causes the relationships and lifestyles of the three friends to change.

This will be Christian Cooke’s first big screen debut.

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