Christopher Mintz-Plasse

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Christopher Mintz-Plasse

It seems that fame fell into Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s lap. With no professional experience or headshots, he showed up at the Superbad audition on a whim with two of his high school friends.

To solve his headshot problem, he snapped a photo on his camera phone, hoping that would suffice. Indeed it did, and he was cast as Fogell, popularly known as Mc’Lovin, the nerd of the school with a ridiculous fake ID from Hawaii. His role as McLovin became a phenomenon, and everywhere you looked during the summer of 2007, you could spot someone sporting a McLovin t-shirt.

After working with Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and the rest of the Superbad clan, it seemed that more opportunities for him to play the nerdy guy kept coming around. In the 2008 comedy Role Models, Mintz-Plasse’s character Augie is obsessed with an alternate medieval universe full of sword fights, capes, and a king. Originally, Augie was going to be the silent, shy type, but after producers found Mintz-Plasse, they knew they needed to showcase his humour with more lines. The following year he scored a supporting role in Year One, working with Cera once again.

How to Train Your Dragon

Mintz-Plasse is said to hope to star in dramas one day, but knows that it will have to be in the future because of his whiney voice! But that clearly doesn’t mean he can’t try as he has subtly been adding more serious scenes into many of his roles.

Currently, Mintz-Plasse is playing on two different screens at the cinema. First, his role in Kick Ass is based on yet another nerdy high school student, but with a twist. He transforms into superhero Red Mist to battle his arch nemesis Kick-Ass and hopefully uncover his real identity.

Second is the Dreamworks animated feature How to Train Your Dragon, showing in 3-D in cinemas from 31st March. He has once again teamed up with a Superbad alum, Jonah Hill, and plays Fishlegs, yet another nerdy guy, who’s a Viking that memorizes the entire manual of dragons.

Don’t miss this opportunity to watch everyone’s favourite nerd in two new films out now!

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