Cory Monteith

BATD ON Feb 23, 2010 AT 5:55 pm

Cory Monteith

Glee’s own jock-turned-geek Finn Hudson is played by Cory Monteith. This Canadian actor is a stand out favourite on the show, but can you believe that he almost didn’t pursue acting?

Dropping out of high school after completing only ninth grade, Monteith held quite the series of odd jobs. He was a people greeter at Walmart, a taxi and bus driver and a roofer. It wasn’t until after these and other stints that he even considered acting. He took a few classes, and fell in love. He eventually landed small roles on Kyle XY, Smallville and Supernatural before being cast as Finn on Glee.

Monteith didn’t have any singing or dancing skills before the show, but he was a talented drummer. He has definitely proven himself on the show however, but he doesn’t let the fame go to his head. He is self-described as “tall, awkward and Canadian,” but we think this is all the more reason to love him. We aren’t the only ones taking part in a little Monteith lovin’ as we hear he has been linked romantically to co-star Lea Michele as well as Taylor Swift.

Look for Mr. Monteith on Glee or this summer when he and other Glee stars tour the US.

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