Daft Punk Reveals ‘Random Access Memories’ Tracklist

Mimi ON Apr 18, 2013 AT 3:37 pm

Dafts Punk's latest album, 'Random Access Memory', is set to drop May 21st.

Dafts Punk’s latest album, ‘Random Access Memory’, is set to drop May 21st.

Daft Punk’s newest album,  Random Access Memories, has been one of the most anticipated and talked about albums of 2013. The release of the teaser trailer for one of their new songs “Get Lucky” at Coachella has created a buzz that upped the hype for the drop of their album even more. The album is set to be released on May 21st and will feature collaborations with artists like Pharell, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, and Julian Casablancas. Their latest release on the album has been a six second video clip on vine naming the tracklist.

1) “Give Life Back to Music”
2) “The Game of Love”
3) “Giorgio by Moroder”
4) “Within”
5) “Instant Crush”
6) “Lose Yourself to Dance”
7) “Touch”
8) “Get Lucky”
9) “Beyond”
10) “Motherboard”
11) “Fragments of Time”
12) “Doin’ It Right”
13) “Contact”

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