A Falling Star

Mimi ON Apr 12, 2011 AT 10:16 am

Lady Gaga taking a tumble

Lady Gaga taking a tumble

We bet Lady Gaga regretted wearing those heels when she was performing for her Monster’s Ball Tour in Houston!

The singer was singing on top of a piano as she by mistake kicked a stool away from the instrument as she dismounted, only to fall badly on her back.

There’s a video of the accident online, shot by 18 year old fan Eric Souknary, who said to the Daily Mail; ‘It was in the middle of the show’, he said.

‘She was really high up and it looked really bad. I only just managed to keep the video steady.

‘The crowd all saw it and I don’t think anyone would have minded is she’d walked off the stage to get checked out by medics.

‘But she was a real professional and jumped back up on stage to finish her set in front of the fans.

‘It was really amazing to see.’

Maybe she should try flats next time… which is about as unlikely as her turning conventional on us!

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