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Mimi ON Jun 08, 2010 AT 9:30 am

English Cheesecake Co. Fantasy Football Cheesecake

English Cheesecake Co. Fantasy Football Cheesecake

Just in time for the World Cup, the English Cheesecake Company have come up with this little gem; the Fantasy Football cheesecake.

It’s been made for people that don’t rave about the World Cup but want to get involved! Although I must admit, I may have got a bit TOO involved with our office cheesecake as it stayed in our office as long as I can expect Japan to stay in the tournament.

It’s a deep vanilla cheesecake on a delicious chocolate biscuit base and it has milk chocolate balls embedded in the mix to spice things up a bit.

It’s literally heaven in a ball!

£23.99, www.englishcheesecake.com

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