A Trekkie Facebook?

Mimi ON Jul 20, 2010 AT 10:22 am

William Shautner as Captain Kirk

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

With the growing popularity of social networking sites, it’s no surprise that the outrageous but lovable former Captain Kirk – William Shatner – would help develop a new networking site for die-hard sci-fi fans; myouterspace.com.

The site, which launched in the spring, is a place for artists in the sci-fi and horror genres to connect with others in their field and get the latest information and updates on gaming and films.  Members create a profile and join different planets within the site based upon their areas of interest.  They can also post their resumés to be selected for a special “Starship” collaboration. The site also allows for an online forum on the latest sci-fi news and includes some hilarious videos of the outlandish Shatner.  Seems like a social networking heaven for all the Trekkie’s out there!

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