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BATD ON May 06, 2009 AT 10:09 am

Clinique's Even Better Makeup SPF 15

Clinique's Even Better Makeup SPF 15

Hands up those who want a flawless complexion? Well ladies you’re not alone, in fact one in four of you are concerned with hyperpigmentation. Those unsightly dark spots and patches have become as bothersome as pesky wrinkles. Now help is at hand thanks to Clinique, who have devised New Even Better Makeup SPF 15 (now that’s a mouthful!) This oil free liquid foundation glides on to create a smoother even looking skin tone.

With the help of vitamin E, mushroom yeast extract and natural grapefruit peel this powerful cocktail of ingredients works together to help break up and reduce uneven skin tone. It even  helps skin to prevent future discolouration, which means with continuous use your skin will appear brighter and flawless. Now that’s what I call magic in a bottle!

Available now priced £19.08 www.clinique.co.uk

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