Amy’s Vajew-ju.

BATD ON Mar 26, 2010 AT 11:59 am

Amy Winehouse

If anyone has been on London’s tube recently, you may have seen the adverts reading ‘Baajingo’. Now, being the curious person I am, I vowed I would check what this was all about as the ad was not for a betting establishment, a conclusion that was supported by the web address… That’s definitely not a bet shop.

So, having checked out the website I can now confirm that the campaign is actually for the ‘Mooncup’:

“The Mooncup is a reusable menstrual cup, around two inches long and made from soft medical grade silicone. It is worn internally a lot lower than a tampon but, while tampons and pads absorb menstrual fluid, the Mooncup collects it.”


They’ve got quite a following already with celebs like Amy Winehouse jumping on board, giving the campaign their names for their own lady areas. Winehouse’s is ‘Vajew-ju’.

Seriously? I never thought I’d be getting female hygiene advice from Amy Winehouse…

If this sounds like you ‘cup’ of tea then visit the site and let them know your nickname, just know that ‘Vajew-ju’ is already taken.

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