Are You A Fag Hag?

BATD ON Jul 19, 2010 AT 10:41 am

The Big Book of Gaydar Uncut

The Big Book of Gaydar Uncut

Gaydar, the world’s biggest gay brand that has over 6 million registered users and claims more traffic than Marks & Spencer and National Rail, has released this book to help you find out the intricacies behind the gay man

The Big Book of Gaydar Uncut, by Jockboy26 (£6.99), is packed full of hilarious stories & exclusive statistics from Gaydar database – including the Top Five Gay Postcodes in the UK. However if you’re not gay, but are wondering whether you’re partner secretly is, then out him with the Fag Hag quiz:

How do you know if you’re a fag hag?

1.       Do you know who called Doris a faghag in Fame?
2.       Do you regularly watch Will & Grace and make your GBF watch it too?
3.       Do you wax your GBF’s back more regularly than your own legs?
4.       Are you called by name by all the barmen at the local gay bar?
5.       Do you have your own drag name?
6.       Does your GBF takes you make-up shopping?
7.       Do you know how to Vogue and have you always known?
8.       Can you lip synch to Kylie?
9.       Do you know what a Bear is? (and we’re not talking Rupert here)
10.    Did you think ‘The Object of my Affection’ completely untrue to life?

If you answer YES to all the above you are, without a doubt a glitter-cleavaged handbag-dancing Kylie-loving fag-hag of the Hood……. Yes to Five, you’re more of a Queer Dear……..Under Five?  Shame on you girl! Make friends with the Mary’s!

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