Are You the Ultimate Twilight Fan?

BATD ON Dec 07, 2009 AT 1:55 pm

New Moon

New Moon

Think you know your Edward Cullen from your Jacob Black? Are you the ultimate Twilight fan? The hunt is on to find the ultimate superfan. You could also win an amazing holiday to walk the streets of ‘Volterra’ in Italy where scenes of New Moon were filmed earlier this year!

Over then next 5 weeks the official UK site will play host to a quiz where you will be asked a series of questions each week based on the New Moon story and its idolised characters.  As the weeks go on, the questions will get progressively harder.

Entrants with the correct answers to all five questions will  be given exclusive access to view never before seen Twilight Saga: New Moon footage as well as placed into a free draw to win the amazing holiday to walk the streets of ‘Volterra’ in Italy.

Visit the site:
Click here to watch the trailer for Robert Pattinson’s new movie…

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