Mimi ON Nov 17, 2011 AT 10:13 am

Bacon Lube for him and her

Bacon Lube for him and her

The Christmas lights are up, the shops are starting to play “Jingle Bells”, so the chances are you’re starting to wonder what to buy your loved one this Christmas?

Well straight to the top of your list surely has to be….baconlube™. Yes, that’s right, the world’s first bacon flavoured lube, we kid you not!

When this landed in our inbox at BATD HQ we had to check it wasn’t 1st April, and in actual fact it did start of as an April Fool’s prank yet had so much interest that J&D’s Foods, the brand behind the sizzling lube, decided to make 3,000 bottles of the porky lotion.

If you fancy a sizzling stocking filler (for your man’s pork sword) this Christmas it’s available now for $11.99 at www.baconlube.comgammon, you know you want to!

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