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Mimi ON Dec 24, 2010 AT 9:30 am

New Fitness DVDs

New Fitness DVDs

We heard a shocker on the office radio today… 1 in 4 british women will put on A STONE over christmas due to their overindulgences. Now using our highly capable maths skills, that means two of us won’t be able to fit through our office door come January. This is NOT GOOD PEOPLE!

So if you want to make sure you keep the podge off why not get yourself a few decent (and a few no so decent) fitness dvds to ward away the fat. So far we’ve got this little gems coming out in time to bust the bloat.

Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit

Now if this woman can looks this good at her age, the DVD has got to work. It’s out on Amazon on 27th December.

Kerry Katona: Real Fitness

Now I was expecting to mock this one but it actually looks as good as she does (all in relative terms anyway). The only dampener on the DVD is that voice… it’s enough to make you want to finish it quickly anyway. Again, it’s out on 27th December.

Davina – Body Buff

Now Davina’s workout DVD’s have been hugely popular in the past and I’ve been told they give you some serious results. She got a new one out now and we all want it please…

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