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Mimi ON Sep 23, 2011 AT 8:40 am

The new Screme Egg

The new Screme Egg

Just in time for Halloween season, Cadbury is releasing the Screme Egg… a far more frightening version of their Easter favourite.

Try this new version of the old classic and the only thing you’ll be screaming about is how good it is. Don’t let the green gooey cream in the middle scare you, though, because it’s the exact same formula and taste as the much-loved original (and we’ve tried one so we know!).

We love the idea and can’t believe that haven’t done it before!

The Cadbury Screme Egg will be available from major and independent retailers from mid-September for just 55p.

NB: LOVE what they sent us here at BATD HQ. A coffin with the eggs inside (note we ate the others before taking the photo). The coffin even screamed when you opened it! Very good.

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