Crease No More

Mimi ON Jun 06, 2011 AT 11:25 am

La Decollette

La Decollette

First there were crotchless panties, now there’s a bra without the cups… meet La Decollette!

If you weren’t already worried about wrinkles around your eyes it now seems we need to worry about wrinkles around your chest area too!

This could all change however, with this nifty cupless bra that is designed to be worn in bed to prevent the skin on your décolletage creasing; therefore helping obtaining a smooth, tight neckline.

It could be the ultimate passion killer for those of you coupled up, but there is a firming cream available too so it’s not all bad.

We’re seriously considering getting our hands on one… so that everyone want to get their hands on us (well during the daytime at least!).


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