Dirty Donald

BATD ON Aug 12, 2010 AT 10:35 am

Donald Duck

Donald Duck

If you’ve ever visited Disneyland you’ll know that, bar the rides and over priced junk food, having your photo taken with one of the, seemingly innocent, life size furry characters is up there in the top things to do. However as visitor April Magolon nipped over to Donald Duck for a quick snap she got got a touch more than she bargained for… literally.

According to The Smoking Gun, April is now suing Disneyland for $50,000 for negligence, battery and emotional distress after Donald Duck gave her a quick breast grope and then “made gestures making a joke indicating he had done something wrong.

It makes you think though… what kind of people are behind the costumes? Well I’ve done a bit of reading and apparently it’s not the first time these creepy critters have struck. We’ve had Tigger molesting a 13-year-old girl and even a book written by one of the guys that worked a Winnie the Pooh at Epcot, detailing drug abuse whilst working and how his colleagues (aka the ‘furries’) liked to have kinky sex in costume.

I’d definitely be thinking twice next time I pose for a photo with one of these creeps… I’ll be sure to take a taser and rape alarm if do though…

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