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Beet Rose Cupcake

We just had to write about this amazingly cute cookbook again as Emma took it out last night to make Banana & Cinnamon cupcakes and they were DIVINE! Eat Me is the perfect cookbook for anyone that likes sweet things and easy recipes.

If you’re not from West London you may not have heard of Cookie Girl, aka Xanthe Milton. But this beautiful temptress started her career making and then selling her baked goods out of a basket in the area.

Her story from this point is quite a tale. She started her buisness and blog, sold her goods on Portobello Road and then went onto conquer Selfridges and has now released her own book, Eat Me.

The book looks fab and really epitomises what Cookie Girl is all about; experimentation and pushing the bounderies of aesthetics and flavours.  There are some really eccentric repices and descriptions included amongst the pages, but it only makes the process of baking that much more fun.

Eat Me

With the recent resurgence in the popularity of cupcakes and anything frosted, this book hits the nail on the head for your own culinary pleasure or even as a cute present for a girlfriend or younger niece… although you may want to keep the little ones away from the liquer laced, ‘Party’ section!

Eat Me is available now and retails at £15

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