Eau de Bacōn

Mimi ON May 19, 2011 AT 10:47 am

Bacōn fragrance

Bacōn fragrance

If you loved Gaga’s cured meat look then we may have found the perfect accompaniment… the Bacōn fragrance.

Yes, you heard us. A perfume that has undertones of bacon. Now, although this makes us want to gag a bit (or head out for a cooked brekkie, we can’t decide), according to a study undertaken at Cardiff uni, the smell of bacon came in eighth as our favourite smells of all time.

“For some bizarre reason the nation loves bacon” says Ryan Collins, Head of Buying at Firebox.com. “The Firebox bacon series is one of best-selling ranges of all time and we think the Bacōn Unisex Perfume will outsell our Bacon flavoured Toothpaste, Bacon infused Soap and even our Baconnaise. We believe that the inviting scent of the Bacōn Unisex Perfume will capture the imagination of the British public – intriguing and amusing consumers at the same time”.

I think they may have got confused between our favourite smells to wake up to and our favourite smells to seduce with. Very different.

Available in Bacōn Classic, a spicy Maple aroma, or Bacōn Gold, a sizzling citrus scent (!) at Firebox.com for £31.99 for 118ml.


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