Edward’s Twi-hard Proposal

BATD ON Apr 29, 2010 AT 9:15 am

Edward's proposal ring to Bella

Even if Twilight is a bit like Marmite, those that love it really do LOVE it… So this is for all you die-hard R-Patz fans out there.

This pic is a shot from the new Eclipse film, showing the scene in which Edward proposes to Bella. Now that is what I call a ring… none of this ‘less is more’ malarkey. This ring shines more than Edward does when he stands in the sun as, for as far as I can make out, it’s covered in tiny diamonds.

Talk about pulling out all the fangs… sorry, stops.

Twilight Engagement Ring - $1979

Plus, if you’re obsessed fan and plan on getting engaged soon, maybe leave this internet page open for your partner to ‘coincidently’ come across as Twilight author, Stephanie Meyer, and the Infinite Jewelry Co. have produced this gem… for only $1979 (around £1305). Too far?? 

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