Entourage Movie Still Good To Go!

Mimi ON Dec 08, 2010 AT 9:43 am

Entourage Series 7

Entourage Series 7

Mark Wahlberg insists he is still intending to make an Entourage movie after the television series has finished.

The American actor is executive producer of the hit show about fictional movie star Vincent Chase and his group of friends. Mark has revealed that the cast and crew who work on the programme don’t want the story to end after its eighth season, which is when the series is due to wrap up next summer.

Instead the 39-year-old would like to bring the characters to the big screen and continue their legacy for fans – revealing that he thinks about the prospect all the time.

 “We want it to happen,” he told Entertainment Weekly on the red carpet of his new movie The Fighter. “We have one last season left on TV and then it would probably take place after the finale.”

The father-of-four has rubbished suggestions that the storyline won’t have the same impact as the characters grow older.

Mark said that life doesn’t end when you are in your mid-twenties and that there is still a lot of dramatic mileage left in the group of friends as they continue on their journeys.

However, he insists an Entourage film will only get the go ahead if the script is very strong.

“There are places to go. I’m still here all these years later, aren’t I? My story didn’t end in my 20s,” Mark said. “We won’t make it if we don’t have a good script.”

Entourage stars Jeremy Piven, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Kevin Dillon.

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