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BATD ON Sep 01, 2010 AT 11:22 am

Still a Virgin? Billboard

Still a Virgin? Billboard

The new Sony Pictures film, The Virginity Hit, has sparked quite the controversy on TV news station in the US with its new billboard campaign.

The campaign asked, in a very unsubtle way, “Still A Virgin? For Help, Call 888-742-4335”… and people are less than happy about it with politicians demanding the billboards be removed!

However when you call the number (not that we have!) you reportedly get a message from the film’s cast, giving a number of funny options for all the virgins out there, plus a link to the film’s website of course!

This is just one of many new flash viral ads for upcoming films including the hugely successful campaigns for The Last Exorcist and Paranormal Activity, that would have otherwise struggled with limited budget and no celeb cast members.

If the viral catches on I’m sure we’ll be seeing this film, which is a comedy about three pals documenting the progress of their socially-awkward friend, who tries desperately to lose his virginity, in the UK very soon!

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