It’s Tiens For Chinese New Year

Mimi ON Feb 03, 2011 AT 12:17 pm

Slimming Tea and Tianshi Toothpaste

Slimming Tea and Tianshi Toothpaste

It’s Chinese New Year today (3.2.11) and we’ve just found the perfect brand that’ll help you welcome in the coming year in a healthy way.

Tiens is Chinese brand that specialise in everything and anything to do with traditional Chinese remedies. Our favourite? The Slimming Tea formulated with Wulong Tea to speed up metabolism and invigorate the mind… I’m actually going to brew some as we speak!

Other favourites include the Tianshi Toothpaste which contains Nullipore (anti-bacterial), Honeysuckle ((anti-bacterial) and Wild Chrysanthemum (helps clean up toxins in the body) yet maintains the standard spearmint taste so you don’t even notice you’re brushing with a herbal paste.

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