Jedward To Design Clothes

BATD ON Aug 05, 2010 AT 9:03 am


Here today, gone tomorrow. That’s to be expected when you shop in a city like London, but the same can be said about the singing career of Jedward, also known as the dynamic X Factor duo John and Edward Grimes. The twins are taking their creative career in a different direction after a less-than-successful attempt to make it in the music business. Like many other musicians, they’ve turned to fashion, and now Jedward is set to launch their new clothing line called Pop Icons.

The 18-year-old twins said, “Fashion is our big passion and our collection will look hot on the catwalk.” The designs by Pop Icons are said to be inspired by the clothing style of Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury, and the line is expected to be found on the high street as Jedward’s manager, Louis Walsh, has reportedly been liaising with fashion stores.

Jedward singing duo

Another possibility for the line is that the identical Grimes twins will be modelling their own designs. They’re currently signed to Next Models so they think they have what it takes to sell their line.

Maybe their clothing career will last longer than their music one. We’ll just have to wait and see if their fashion is anything more than a short-lived fad.

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