Katy Perry isn’t Child Friendly

Mimi ON Jul 25, 2011 AT 10:19 am

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Oh my!

Katy Perry debuted a little more than her fried ginger (sorry, ‘Strawberry Blonde’) locks at the premiere of the new Smurfs movie.

Rocking the red carpet in a kitsch Smurfette dress (which, admittedly, we kind-of love for its tackiness), the pop star clearly had no idea her hemline was in danger of causing a wardrobe malfunction of Jackson proportions.

Perry’s dress rode slowly higher and higher as she greeted teen fans – clearly oblivious, Katy didn’t quite understand why the photographers were so keen for her to lean over the railings to sign autographs.

Smurfette would be so proud!

At least she wasn’t wearing a thong and she has a great body..

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