Ke$ha Apologises… A Lot

Mimi ON Mar 23, 2010 AT 6:47 pm


Ke$ha has been making a lot of apologies lately.

First, after calling Justin Bieber a little baby and saying she, “would’ve loved to push him around onstage in a carriage,” she took to her Twitter to apologize, adding that she thinks he is rad.

One her her songs “Styrofoam” was leaked onto the Internet and featured the lyric, “In ten year, Britney Spears…Britney, who?” Again she said how sorry she was, explaining that song isn’t even on her upcoming record. She also stated she didn’t mean any harm to Britney because she has, “mad respect for her.”

Not only doesn this girl need to wash her mouth out, but a general clean wouldn’t go amiss either. She’s clearly so distracted with trying to be extrovert that she’s forgetting to shower on a regular basis…

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