Lady Gaga Serenades Newlyweds!

Mimi ON Nov 02, 2010 AT 1:20 pm

Lady Gaga in West London

Lady Gaga in West London

Lady Gaga stunned drinkers at a pub – when she serenaded a pair of newlyweds.

The eccentric star jumped up to perform an impromptu song for the happy couple after discovering they had just got married.

Ewan and Julie Searle were toasting their nuptials with beer and champagne at The Raven pub in Chiswick, west London, when the ‘Bad Romance’ hitmaker appeared at the bar.

After hearing about the New Zealand couple’s wedding, the 24-year-old singer insisted on someone finding a guitar and accompanying her with an acoustic version of the Rolling Stones’ classic ‘Gimme Shelter’.

Julie said: “It was unbelievable. We were toasting our future by drinking champagne and beer with some guys we met in the hostel we were staying at.

“Then Lady Gaga, dressed in this fabulous cerise dress, came in with her entourage. She stood at the bar and ordered a drink for everyone.”

Then the pop superstar – noticing their champagne – asked if they were celebrating.

Julie told Britain‘s The Sun newspaper: “I said, ‘Yes, we got married.’ She said, ‘That calls for a song.’ She asked if anyone could play the guitar. A French friend called Sam – one of the guys from the hostel – rushed back to get his.

“After he came back he spoke with her and her people and they played ‘Gimme Shelter’ by the Rolling Stones for us in the back room.

“It was lovely of her.”

Do think she’d do office visits??

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