Louboutin’s Latest Creation

Mimi ON Jul 04, 2011 AT 9:19 am

Louboutin's 8-inch ballet heels

Christian Louboutin’s teetering platforms are the go-to shoe for stars like Colleen Rooney and Victoria Beckham (who even wears them to the football pitch) – but the designer has outdone himself with his latest piece of footwear.

Louboutin created a pair of 8-inch, Swarovski-encrusted heels based on the classic ballet point shoe, and are set to be auctioned off to raise funds for the English National Ballet.

A ballerina tries on Louboutin's latest shoe

Other designers like Erdem, Moschino and Giles Deacon are donating unique ballet-inspired pieces as well – though Louboutin’s take the cake for the most outrageous.  These ‘heels’ don’t even look wearable! We’re only hoping whoever buys them simply puts them on display as a piece of art and doesn’t actually try to tip-toe around town in them.

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