Madge Gets Demanding

Mimi ON Feb 23, 2011 AT 9:47 am



Madonna reportedly insisted a hotel be given a £15,000 makeover before she would stay there.

The 52-year-old singer and boyfriend Brahim Zaibat stayed at Berlin’s Soho Hotel last week, and staff claimed she issued a string of demands, including insisting her room be kitted out with new furniture and a supply of special water blessed by her spiritual advisers be on hand.

A source said: “Madonna doesn’t like to sleep where other people have slept.

“She needs all new things – a new bed, fresh paint, new lights. So we renovated the whole room. We have never had a request like this before.

“We also had to provide 50 bottles of Kabbalah water for Madonna and her entourage.

“And when she eventually turned up, she brought loads of security, who demanded other people left any other part of the hotel that she wished to enter.”

Despite her demands, Madonna and Brahim spent little time in the hotel, partying in the nearby Asphalt club until late.

A source told Closer magazine: “Madonna and Brahim were at the club until 4am. They were all over each other, acting like teenagers.”

A spokesperson for Madonna said she “knew nothing” about her reported demands to the hotel.

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