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Mimi ON Aug 17, 2010 AT 9:20 am

Casper The Commuting Cat

Casper The Commuting Cat

By Mr Love (the cat)….

I was first drawn to the book Casper the Commuting Cat because of the cover.  As a cat I always like to judge a book by its cover.  Firstly because he looked very much like my mother; fluffy, black and white with eyeliner eyes and I noticed inside the book it said that all black and white cats are a little bit special.  It might have said a little bit naughty but I skipped that bit.  I saw Casper sitting on top of his suitcase.  I myself am very fond of a suitcase.  I like to check it out when it arrives on the bed as it’s very cosy to sit in it and I like to make sure it never leaves my sight so I can attempt to sneak in it.  I too am a black and white cat with wanderlust.

I particularly enjoyed reading Casper’s adventures so I could live vicariously. Several years ago when I was wandering outside, something terrible happened. I can’t remember what now but cat ambulances and cat scans were involved and because I didn’t recover the use of my leg I have spent my life incarcerated

Mr Love

Mr Love

Anyone who reads this book will see that’s a cruel thing for a cat but it saved my life and I have had lots of prawns and fancy feasts and there have been lots of pleasures. But for some cats like Casper it wasn’t enough.  He loved to meet new people, he would sit in doctors surgeries.  Very daring of him.  I like to make sure I vomit every time I go to the cat doctors.  But what was super enthralling was the fact that he commuted every day on his favourite bus around Plymouth.  He was truly King of the Road.  He was one of those rare black and white cats who took the human world by storm and decided to connect with it.  If they ride on buses why shouldn’t he? 

It has a very sad ending yet there isn’t an ending because Casper’s legend goes on and he remains a truly great cat.

Casper The Commuting Cat – published by Simon and Schuster– out now.

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