BATD ON Apr 08, 2010 AT 4:17 pm

The REAL Election

The crisp industry has just gone all political on us; but it’s not unhappy workers, fuel hikes for delivery guys or taxes that have got our attention. It’s the crisps themselves!

The hand-cooked crisp brand REAL, have just launched their campaign to encourage voting through their ‘politi-packs’.

These are some of the funniest deliveries we’ve got through the Beautyandthedirt doors for a long time and I’m definitely feeling inspired now… but more to eat the crisps than to vote. Saying that, having Gordy staring at you when you’re eating is slightly off-putting.

The packs (all sea salt flavour) will be distributed in a nationwide sampling programme in order to find out what your political flavour of the day is. I fancy a bit of Clegg

Visit realcrisps.com/election to see the campaign!

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