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BATD ON May 22, 2009 AT 1:13 pm

The new Sony Ericsson C510

The new Sony Ericsson C510

We just expect the tech guys to take care of the bits we need to work so we can just choose our phone by the way it looks. Come on looks are everything…with a gadget and maybe a drunken one night stand – did I just say that?! 

Last night I got a sizzling red hot Sony Ericsson C510 to go with my summer wardrobe. Slim and lightweight, it will fit into the smallest of clutches with ease. A really easy to use camera and it’s YouTube enabled. That means you can upload those embarrassing drunken videos at the click of a button - if you must.

Pick yours up from The Carphone Warehouse
Stockist details: / The Carphone Warehouse Direct Sales on 0800 925 925

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