Mimi ON Dec 06, 2010 AT 9:15 am

santa cam

Receive a personalised message from Father Christmas!

We’ve already mentioned our Housebling addiction, but now Shelter has brought us another fun Christmas website!  The SantaCam site is a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit, especially if you’ve got little ones to entertain!

Send a personalised video message from Father Christmas to someone that stills believes (or just for a joke!) and spread the Christmas cheer!  The way the site works is you choose a name from a drop down menu and then enter information about that person (whether they like to read, play sports, etc).

After sending your message, you can then make a donation to Shelter—a housing and homeless charity.

This is surely the next best thing to dressing up like Father Christmas and visiting the child themselves… and it doesn’t involving forking out on a cotsume!

Start sending Christmas cheer.

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