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BATD ON Dec 02, 2010 AT 9:30 am

satc 2

Carrie in Abu Dhabi

It’s been Sex and the City fever all over again and here in the office we found a fab ways to self medicate!

The first and most obvious way is picking up the DVD to Sex and the City 2 which came out Monday (29.11.10).  We love being able to relive the adventure all over again… and by adventure we mean clothes and shoes!  We’re still going crazy over Carrie and the girls’ colourful Abu Dhabi wardrobe and we’re loving the behind the scenes footage of the 80′s scenes featured on the DVD.

sex and the city lashes

Eyelure Lashes inspired by Carrie of Sex and the City

The second way we’re self medicating comes in thanks to Eyelure which has launched four new lash styles, inspired by the four stylish ladies of the movie. Carrie’s lashes are “stylish and sassy” and have a small silver star on the outside corners.  Samantha’s lash set is “fabulous and fun” and are super full and feather, giving that sultry sexy vibe she’s known for.  The lashes inspired by Charlotte are “feminine and romantic” and offer a timeless and elegant look.  The last of the fab four, Miranda has lashes that are “polished and sexy”.

Each set of lashes is available at Boots for £6.95 and includes adhesive.

Just for fun we’ll probably be wearing the lashes while we watch the movie for the hundredth time!

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