She’s A Doll

Mimi ON Dec 03, 2008 AT 10:53 am

Fatina Fashion Change Doll

Fatina Fashion Change Doll

Its okay, we know. You’ve been tempted by Hello Kitty temporary tattoos, you can’t resist a strawberry Chupa Chup and it’s every girl for herself when it comes to Miffy pyjamas. It’s good to stay in touch with your inner child. That’s why we all want to play with the gorgeous Chocolate Rain Fatina Fashion Change Doll, £36, that’s got small size couture dressing all sewn up.

Hand-stitched entirely from vintage fabrics, no two dolls are alike, but each one comes with a miniature handmade outfit constructed from the tiniest buttons, bows and lace detail.  This is one doll to keep forever, unlike your leaky Tiny Tears that hit the dust way ago.

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