Stop The Daily Dirt

Mimi ON Sep 29, 2011 AT 10:00 am

The Body Shop® Hand Cleanse Gels

The Body Shop® Hand Cleanse Gels

If your Daily Dirt is getting out of hand with trips on the tube and the dreaded flu season just around the corner, we’ve found the perfect thing to battle bacteria.

The Body Shop just came out with new Hand Cleanse Gels in six fruity and delicious scents including; coconut, pink grapfruit, strawberry, satsuma, mango, and sweet lemon.

An added bonus is not only are these a steal at £2 a pop but also that they are free from triclosan; a popular antibacterial treatment that scientists are now saying may be harmful to the body.

Throw these portable antibacterials into your purse and you’ll be smelling summer all winter long.

Watch out for them in store soon!



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