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BATD ON Apr 30, 2010 AT 10:20 am

Apparently British women are hoarding more than 50 million redundant skincare products in their bathroom cabinets, according to research released by The Body Shop new Nutriganics™ organic skincare range. 

Despite British women spending an average of £5,940 on skincare products over their lifetime, 55% of us have admitted having a skincare product they have never used and more than three quarters (81%) hang onto two or more skincare products they have no intention of ever using.

Also, the study has revealed that 93% of us believe we know our skin type and 85% are confident we are using the right products, despite more than two thirds (67%) of us never having had a skincare assessment.  Almost 15% use the same skincare they used as a teenager, while one in ten (10%) women between 45 and 54 years old has been using the same products on their face for more than three decades
Skincare Product Director from The Body Shop International, Stephane Chambran: “This research shows that many women are worryingly unaware of the importance of looking after their skin throughout their lives.  While many ladies wouldn’t think twice about going to their hairdresser, having a manicure or dedicating time to their make-up routine, this study reveals that many women have never had a skincare consultation – with almost a fifth (18%) admitting they don’t know what a skin consultation is.  

“Factors such as age, health, hormones and even the weather can all have an effect on women’s skin, making skin consultations and regular skin check-ups important at whatever time in life.  The right skincare regime is just as important to health and beauty as the right bra, shampoo or foundation.”

To help the nation face up to their lack of skincare knowledge, The Body Shop is offering free skincare consultations. Available in all stores and online at

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