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Mimi ON Jul 08, 2010 AT 9:30 am

NY Recyling Fashion

NY Recyling Fashion

Going green has hit a whole new level in the states.

It’s reported that more than 190,000 tons of textiles end up in New York City rubbish bins annually. To keep from going to waste, the city has started a new recycling program that places 50 bins in high traffic areas where residents can drop of unwanted clothes, shoes and hats. The clothes will then be distributed to those around the world who need them most. Unusable textiles will be recycled as work rags or or fibers for mattresses and sofas.

If the idea takes off in NYC, the program may go nationwide. Hopefully people will take advantage of helping others instead of throwing clothes away! We’d love to see something like this started across the pond!

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