Tours For Your Toys?

Mimi ON Oct 21, 2010 AT 9:30 am

Furry Toys Tours

Furry Toys Tours

They say a fool and their money are easily parted and we’re wondering if this is the perfect illustration of the adage.

A Parisian company, Furry Toys Tours, is offering to take your cuddly toys on a tour of Paris, with plenty of photo stops along the way.

There is the one week tour option, EU100, that includes all the famous Parisian sights… Arc de Triumph, Eiffle Tower etc all documented on disc for you and teddy to reminisce over for years to come. Well, excuse us but our cuddly rabbit would far rather go to Laduree, the Dior flagship and Rue St Honore.

Anyway, if you are seriously considering sending your raggedy beloved cuddly on holiday, you’ll find this at

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