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BATD ON Oct 19, 2010 AT 9:22 am

Charlie McDowell Dear Girls Above Me

Charlie McDowell is the witty creator of the Twitter feed Dear Girls Above Me

It seems America has an even greater obsession with Twitter than we do!

It was just announced that Ashton Kutcher is adapting a Twitter feed to become a new sitcom for CBS network.  The television show will be based on the feed Dear Girls Above Me (which also has its own website).  The feed consists of comments indirectly addressed to the loud party girls living in the apartment above the account’s creator Charlie McDowell.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is behind the sitcoms based on Twitter feeds

Ashton recently made a similar deal for another show based on the Twitter feed Shh… Don’t Tell Steve, which will be a comedy based on the Twitter feed of a guy documenting the behaviour of his immature roommate.  Both these shows come on the heels of the successful launch of the comedy $#*! My Dad Says which was the first TV series based on a Twitter feed.

Like $#*!, the script for Dear Girls Above Me will be co-written by the feed’s creator.  The show is described as being about “a single man who gains insight into the female mind by eavesdropping on his upstairs neighbours.”

We find Dear Girls Above Me to be an absolutely hilarious Twitter stream, check out the video posted by Charlie below.  Do you think Twitter moving to television is a good idea?  Would you watch?

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