Wanna Look Like Lilo?

BATD ON Jul 12, 2010 AT 10:37 am

Nubar 2Way Nail Pens

Nubar 2Way Nail Pens

With Nail Art donning everything from the catwalk to Lindsey Lohan’s court hearings (with the famous ‘F**k U’), we found the perfect thing to keep up with the trend; Nubar’s Nail Art Pens, the 2way Striper pens.

These nifty little nail polish pens deliver a fine and precise application of the colour of your choice, letting you adorn your talons in any design you wish. A word of warning though, you may want to leave out the profanities if you’re off to a serious meeting! Take a page out of Lilo’s book and learn from her mistakes!

The pens have two applicators; a fine metal nib and a fine brush making it easy to do any pattern (or catchphrase) you want! Plus the range comes in a number of colours so you’re not limited as to what patterns you choose.

£5.95, www.beautyshed.co.uk

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