Well Hello Mrs Beckham

BATD ON May 08, 2009 AT 10:04 am

Victoria Beckham for Armani

Victoria Beckham for Armani

Who is this I hear you ask? When I first glimpsed this picture I thought here we go again, another lingerie ad, with a sickeningly thin model.

Look a little closer and you will see this glam lady is none other than Mrs Victoria Beckham (we suspect a little airbrushing has taken place here, seeing as we could hardly recognise her.)

Here she is in all her size zero glory in the latest Armani ad. We think she has given David a run for his money in this one.

Having said that, we’re not entirely convinced by the dubious high pony tail- other than that, we think she’s looking good.

What about you readers? Is she hot or not?

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