White House Dinner Dirt

BATD ON May 13, 2009 AT 10:04 am

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

So the White House Dinner on Sunday seemed to be the celebrity event of the year. Forget the Oscars, we would have given our right arm to be there, rubbing shoulders with Demi and Ashton (the latter in particular.) Fear not my gossip hungry friends, I have the inside scoop from the event…you’ll never guess what happened.

Gossip Guy Ed Westwick, was spotted walking a block from the Washington Hilton to his waiting car, smoking along the way. We also heard he sent texts during dinner to Chace Crawford, who was seated at another table. We wonder if Obama would approve.

Elsewhere Trudie Styler was spotted posing for fans photos as she left the dinner, but Sting just kept walking. She smiled and said ‘I guess we’ve got to get going!’ Hmm we wonder what bee got in his bonnet?

Finally Tom and a very glam Katie, made an entrance and arrived as most guests were seated. Katie was wearing a white pant suit, and waited obediently by Tom’s side, as he greeted people along the way.

Just call me Gossip Girl

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