With this Ringed Doughnut…

Mimi ON Apr 28, 2011 AT 9:00 am

Krispy Kreme Gold Ring Doughnut

Krispy Kreme Gold Ring Doughnut

We do love a themed Krispy Kreme…Who doesn’t love a ltd edition doughnut, there’s a very good excuse to ‘have’ to try one!

Of course Krispy Kreme has done it again with a limited edition Gold Ring doughnut, aimed at Prince Harry as best man to remember the rings. We think he’ll remember but we’ll be happy to eat them whilst we watch on Friday!

Based on the signature Original Glazed doughnut, this limited edition regal treat is finished with a luxuriously golden caramel glaze.

A single Gold Ring costs £1.35 and a dozen box of your favourites costs £9.95.


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