Yogalospophy… Really?

BATD ON Apr 06, 2010 AT 10:13 am

Victoria Beckham

She’s rumoured to be in the gym seven days a week in order to keep her childishly-thin figure in shape, however now Victoria Beckham seems to have found a new excercise routine to keep her slim. A cross between Yoga and Astrology, Yogastrology, introduced to her by fellow fitness-freak Jennifer Aniston.

A source close to the star said Victoria hates the gym so is always looking for new alternatives: “She bought the Yogalosophy DVD and does her workout at home up to four times a week to ‘align her mind and spirit’. She’s really starting to notice the difference”.

The exercise regime is the brainchild of personal trainer Mandy Ingber, who created the DVD in order to ‘incorporate yoga into other exercise programmes’.

We love Yoga here at Beautyandthedirt but really… how can Astrology help you loose weight?

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